Raohe Street Night Market: Taipei, Taiwan

Raohe Street Night Market (饒河夜市): Songshan District

An older night market, Raohe Street is one long street with lots of street vendors crammed in the middle. Since this was our third night market, we set out for foods that we have not already tried or seen.

The must-try food was the black pepper bun (胡椒饼) by the Fuzhou Ancestor stall (福州世祖). You can easily locate them by looking for the largest, most professional looking stall with a rope line. Yes, they are that popular. There was a whole team there constantly making more buns. The line moves quickly once a new batch comes out, so make sure you wait.

The black pepper buns are filled with meat and vegetables; seasoned with lots of black pepper; and baked in cylinder ovens. We waited almost 15 minutes before it was cool enough to handle, and even then I burned my tongue from the hot filling. It was so delicious! Hot, juicy, peppery and filling! Only NT$50 (~$1.50 USD) each.

We also had some fried mini crabs. Nice crunchy bites with salt and pepper. The fresh guava juice was small but tasty.


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