Scotland Yard: San Francisco, California

Scotland Yard

When I first saw the name Scotland Yard, my mind immediately went to Sherlock Holmes. I was curious as to what I will find at the restaurant. Perhaps the ambiance and fare would be heavily influenced by the English culture.

The restaurant sits unassumingly in the middle of the block. One of those places that you might not look twice if you’re just passing by. As I stepped foot inside, I can see that the restaurant staff is just getting ready for their dinner service. First impression, why is it so dark in here? My eyes gravitated towards the pocket of sunlight across the room. I moved closer, and found a large outdoor patio.

To me, this patio is the real highlight of the restaurant. A beautiful and bright outdoor space with plentiful tables and seating. On one side of the space, ivy plants and vibrant flowers climb across the wall. Clear covers protecting patrons from the San Francisco winds; ceiling heat lamps keeping everyone toasty.

Scotland Yard claims to be an American gastropub, but it was so much more. They provided an experience: from the ambiance, down to the food. It was all memorable.

The food on the menu sounds ordinary, familiar, how one would imagine pub food to be. But I should’ve known better, the food was beyond expectations. The chef has transferred simple food into art, through presentation by using unique plating, and also through ingredients by using vibrant color items.

Their creative offerings include: Charcuterie Plate (selection of prosciutto, salami, puffed beef tendon, chicken liver mousse); Yard Burger (bone marrow aioli smash burger); BBQ Spareribs (toasted peanuts, shaved radish, cilantro).

Experience this for yourself!

3232 Scott St, San Francisco, CA 94123

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